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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the need for a new built environment professional…
14th June 2016

In this, the final part of this blog series, I have repurposed and partially rewritten an excellent thought piece by Gavin…

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution – challenges and opportunities for the built environment
26th May 2016

In Part 1 of this blog series I explored the Built Environment at the eve of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In…

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The Built Environment at the eve of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
14th May 2016

This article explores the built environment at the eve of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, how buildings are likely to change, and the…

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What would a self-driving house look like?
10th December 2015

I met with Daniel J Sait and we discussed how thinking beyond Smart Buildings could really advance the relevance of the…

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Built for living – Understanding behaviour and the built environment through engineering and design
25th July 2015

This report explores how the consideration of human behaviour in design and engineering can improve health and wellbeing, performance and productivity,…

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The Edge Debate: Collaboration for Change
15th May 2015

In 2014 the Edge invited Paul Morrell to chair a Commission of Inquiry into the future of professionalism in the built…

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Smart Buildings Conference
15th March 2015

Smart Buildings Conference Amsterdam, February 2015 Presentation exploring ‘Smart Buildings Myths’ also given as key note in London in October 2014…

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RIBA Plan of Work 2013
20th September 2014

I made critical contribution establishing new Stage 0 ‘Strategic Definition’ and the relationship with Stage 7 ‘In Use’ forming the “outcome…

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Smart Buildings, People and Performance
1st May 2013

Royal Academy of Engineering ‘Smart Buildings, People and Performance’ I was a key contributor to the Smart Buildings: People and Performance report….

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Design, thinking before doing…
1st March 2011

When considering the built environment, the most important decisions are 
the ones made at the very inception, before the planning and…

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