We are idea catalysts. We are outcome focussed.

Through ideas you will get your best ever project outcomes.

We design how teams generate ideas and how projects transform them into meaningful, valuable, high impact outcomes.

From the necessary but often neglected pre-project thinking, to ensuring a project remains focussed from inception to outcome. We empower you and your projects at every stage.

We inspire, check and challenge. We reassure, advise and guide.

We can even transform existing projects that are under performing.

Pre project.

before you start...

Explore ideas to define what you want and understand what you need

  • > explore desires and aspirations
  • > provoke and catalyse new thinking
  • > establish outcome meaning

Project leadership.

keep your project focussed...

Check, challenge and mentoring for transformative innovation

  • > assemble, engage and focus teams
  • > innovation skill and tactics workshops
  • > iterative proactive progress reviews

Project recovery.

existing projects...

Put projects back on track, refocus on meaningful outcomes

  • > success metrics evaluation
  • > performance and outcome advocacy
  • > approach appraisal and team rejuvenation

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas. Ideation Design transforms ideas into meaningful, valuable, high impact outcomes. It is core to all of our services. Driving all stages of a project cycle; from exploration into invention, through innovation, culminating in successful delivery and outcome realisation.

Ideation Design Method

a way of thinking...

A value-centric systematic approach to achieve outcomes. Based on best practice in human-centred design and systems thinking.

Ideation Design Framework.

a system of working...

Ensure project outputs deliver the outcome wanted. Based on the Double Diamond process model and our Ideation Design Method.

Ideas and Innovation.

your map and tools...

Ideas Maps capture and communicate the outcomes you want. Innovation Playbooks are the innovative tactics, skills and game-plays you need.


Your best ever project outcomes start today.


  • "Paul ably presented a thought provoking session at our Thought Leadership lunch. He explored  the context for change, posing the question of just how smart do we need to be to meet the needs of an agile society. This elicited an engaged and interested response from the audience."
    Kim Vernau
    Chief Executive Officer at BLP Insurance
  • "Paul is an unusual design thinker, concerned equally with client success, design team process and product quality. He has a powerful grasp of how design can serve stakeholder needs, and has devoted himself to providing insightful client support."
    Richard Saxon
    Director at Deploi BIM Strategies Ltd.
  • "Paul has the extremely rare ability to captivate an audience while taking into quite challenging areas. Intelligent, incisive and inspirational, and with years of groundwork to back it all up."
    Pierre Wassenar
    Director at Stride Treglown Architects

Valuable outcomes start with the best ideas. Ideas are tricky things. What is needed to transform a great idea into the very best outcomes?

This is where we help.

Ideas are the fuel of our consultancy. Our Ideation Design empowered services transform teams and projects; maximising performance and delivering meaningful experiences.

With our help you will achieve your best ever project outcomes.

Through Ideas Ltd is a unique innovation and transformation studio founded by Paul Fletcher and Ian Huke. Combining more than fifty years experience in design, transformation and innovation. We work with private and public sector; SME to multinational, local authority to central government. Our portfolio includes start-ups, banks, institutions, manufactures, schools, libraries, residential and urban regeneration. We consult for government departments and NGOs.