Why adopt CoSense

CoSense is the golden thread of ideas that meaningfully links inception Vision to outcome Value.

Adopting CoSense empowers teams to work at their best and ensures projects realise the highest value holistic outcomes. CoSense designs the Why of projects and the How of teams.

Holistic Value by design


Why we developed CoSense

The quality of ideas generation and development is critical to a good project. Far more so than technology or process. Yet organisations have put emphasis on process and technology before ideas. Seduced by the promise of design-to-value. This has two immediate impacts – the best ideas are lost or never materialise and holistic collaboration nigh impossible. Ideas and people are what make a project great. Ideas are the enabler. Process and everything associated with that process is merely a tool. All too often blocking and interrupting the flow of ideas.

We developed CoSense to change this. Campfire stories. That is how we approach projects.

Why? Because we’re fed up of projects that are more like a ‘game of whispers’. Many partial stories, outcome unknown till the end, often losing sight of original intent. Fragmented teams, eroded value. No consistent or clear focus on either the How or Why of a project. Just a series of tasks.

If you recognise the problem then CoSense is for you.


How CoSense works

We set about doing projects differently. To help people just like you. To help you discover and properly define the Why. Then co-design the How of the project. Empowering your team to focus on optimal Who, What, Where.

The Why of the project.

Inception vision is provoked and teams catalysed to instigate ideas. Ideas are meaningfully co-created, led and managed into a singular story that builds the transformation of Vision into Value.

The How of the project.

Team leadership is shared and team behaviours harmonised. Each and every individual team player is given opportunity to use their strengths to the full, within a unified team. Progress always focussed on outcome through the synergy of divergent and convergent thinking. Holistically through structured empathy.

As the story builds it is holistically edited, ensuring vision is built into a meaningful high value outcome. What if you did it differently. Not just better.

CoSense works with and enhances existing methods and practices.

Make it the story of your next project.


...starts and builds the story, provoking and directing teams to build a collective narrative.

One story. Vision-to-Design-to-Value. Focussing meaning at the core of project and transformation purpose.


... supporting individuals, helping them build the compelling co-created narrative.

Holistic team development. Harmonised behaviours. Collaborative empathy. Trusted cooperation.


...listens to the story, checking and challenging, to ensure a cohesive narrative and meaningful conclusion.

Catalysing ideas with purpose. Ensuring a chain reaction that develops meaning, end-to-end.


...the researcher, theorist and practitioner.

Human-centred behaviours and values. Structured empathy. Expertise and insight.


Through Ideas Ltd is an ideation strategy consultancy founded by Paul Fletcher and Ian Huke.

With more than twenty years experience in design & systems thinking, organisational transformation and innovation management. We work with private and public sector; SME to multinational, local authority to central government. 
Our portfolio includes start-ups, banks, insurance, institutions, manufacturers, schools, libraries, residential and urban regeneration.

through ideas… we practice CoSense. So fluently that for some the Meaningification affect is practical alchemy.

  • Paul has always impressed me with his ability to invigorate and inspire teams. Unlocking their true potential. Developing Ideation Design with Ian Huke has made this available to all. They are the go to people to empower your team and enhance project outcomes.
    Ian Craig
    Director, Evolve Consulting Structural & Civil Engineers
  • Ian excels in the early stages of client engagement. With great leadership, articulation, process & negotiation skills; he gives client confidence to move very challenging projects forward. He is an asset to any business.
    Paul Hannell
    Lead Consultant
  • Paul ably presented a thought provoking session at our Thought Leadership lunch. He explored  the context for change, posing the question of just how smart do we need to be to meet the needs of an agile society. This elicited an engaged and interested response from the audience.
    Kim Vernau
    Chief Executive Officer, BLP Insurance
  • Paul is an unusual design thinker, concerned equally with client success, design team process and product quality. He has a powerful grasp of how design can serve stakeholder needs, and has devoted himself to providing insightful client support.
    Richard Saxon
    Director, Deploi BIM Strategies Ltd.
  • Paul has the extremely rare ability to captivate an audience while taking into quite challenging areas. Intelligent, incisive and inspirational, and with years of groundwork to back it all up.
    Pierre Wassenar
    Director, Stride Treglown Architects