Make your organisation a success story.

A story of teamwork, innovation effectiveness and project efficiency. That benefits all involved.

The story of your organisation…

How does it read?

Inspiring, uplifting, rewarding, positive, successful?

Not just for you, but your team and your customers.

Despite all the hard work, best efforts and good intentions many organisations fall short of their true potential.

What if all your organisation could consistently realise meaningful stories of success and benefit to all?

Stories that all want to be part of.


A people first approach to the design and realisation of value.

Everything we do is with people for people.

Our tailored approach gives just the right amount of support. Complementing and enhancing existing strategic, transformation and management practices.

Working with your people, within your organisation.

By recognising individual strengths and harmonising behaviours we enable real teamwork and shared leadership.

Unshackling your teams.

We free you and your people from counterintuitive hierarchy and role bias.

Empowering your organisation to play to its true strengths, perform at its best and realise its full potential.


How we work.

Campfire, forum for equitable collaboration.

Our campfire sessions are an alternative approach to development meetings and workshops. We activate and inspire people at organisation, team and project level.

In these sessions the why of a story is shaped and the what and who of the evolving narrative is developed.

The campfire sessions we create are psychologically safe environments in which people are free to self-manage and collaborate equitably. They shift focus from individual outputs toward whole team deliverables and the realisation of high value outcomes.

As the team discover, define and develop ideas our Ideas Map designs the best routes to be explored. In the context of a project, innovation or transformation strategy your Ideas Maps ensure that the where, when and how are aligned and directed toward success.

Ideas map. Way-finding for success stories.


We are story architects.

  • Raconteur

    …teller of stories, who inspires by turning thoughts to action. Activator and fire-starter.

  • Editor

    …editing story production to ensure narrative flow and continuity. Plotting and linking stories as they emerge, ensuring the Ideas Map destination is focussed on the vision.

  • Coach

    …enabling individuals and teams to play to their strengths and perform at their best. Ensuring campfires are equitable and behaviours enable collaboration.

  • Talent scout

    …sourcing the very best people to augment your team as and when needed. Ensuring the right people in the right team at the right time.

  • Context interpreter

    …ensuring the story is understandable to diverse and varied audiences.

  • Meaningificator

    …our in-house professor-of-meaning, a theorist and practitioner.

Paul Fletcher
CEO. Raconteur.
Elizabeth Beroud
Lead Coach
Ian Huke
COO. Lead Editor.

Through Ideas Ltd is a new approach to management consultancy. A collective people with diverse skills, strengths and professional experience founded by former chartered architect Paul Fletcher and litigation lawyer Ian Huke.

With more than twenty years’ experience in teamwork, design & systems thinking and organisational transformation, we work with private and public sector; SME to multinational, local authority to central government.

Our team have supported start-ups, banks, insurance, institutions, manufacturers, schools, libraries, residential and urban regeneration.

Meet the Campfire crew!

Left to right: Joseph Giacomin (Meaningificator), Ian Huke (lead Editor), Mike Orchard (Talent Scout), Paul Fletcher (Raconteur), Elizabeth Beroud (lead Coach), Pat Dade (Context Interpreter) and behind the camera Dan Simmons (Editor).

  • Paul has always impressed me with his ability to invigorate and inspire teams. Unlocking their true potential. Forming Through Ideas with Ian Huke has made this available to all. They are the go to people to empower your team and enhance project outcomes.
    Ian Craig
    Director, Evolve Consulting Structural & Civil Engineers
  • Ian excels in the early stages of client engagement. With great leadership, articulation, process & negotiation skills; he gives client confidence to move very challenging projects forward. He is an asset to any business.
    Paul Hannell
    Lead Consultant
  • Paul ably presented a thought provoking session at our Thought Leadership lunch. He explored  the context for change, posing the question of just how smart do we need to be to meet the needs of an agile society. This elicited an engaged and interested response from the audience.
    Kim Vernau
    Chief Executive Officer, BLP Insurance
  • Paul is an unusual design thinker, concerned equally with client success, design team process and product quality. He has a powerful grasp of how design can serve stakeholder needs, and has devoted himself to providing insightful client support.
    Richard Saxon
    Director, Deploi BIM Strategies Ltd.
  • Paul has the extremely rare ability to captivate an audience while taking into quite challenging areas. Intelligent, incisive and inspirational, and with years of groundwork to back it all up.
    Pierre Wassenar
    Director, Stride Treglown Architects