Creativity fuelled productivity.

Transforming business, together.

People transforming business, by design.

People and their ideas are the key to business transformation.

By freeing creativity and empowering all to ideate we radically enhance productivity and catalyse innovation.

Creativity is the new fuel of productivity. Ideas are the currency of innovation.

When innovation and productivity align new and sustainable value is created. Business is transformed.

Our Venture Architecture framework does just that. We bring transformative benefit to all ventures, projects, programmes and organisations. Regardless of size, sector or maturity.


We focus on people rather than things. We nurture collaborative behaviours and shared understanding, through the human-centred design of project teams and business organisation. By aligning individual motivations and drivers cohesive teams with common purpose are formed. Teams that are autonomous and self managing.


A truly collaborative team enables frictionless creative thinking. Unlocking the full potential of each and every team player to discover and develop the best ideas. Ideas are the currency of innovation and creativity is the fuel of productivity. Effective teamwork is the engine driving that forward. We empower people and businesses to innovate better and faster in order to realise value productively.


Technology and process are only as good as the benefit afforded to those who use them. Our approach gives people the insight and agency to determine and deploy the best technologies, processes and methods. Not the other way around. Ensuring the best ideas are discovered, developed and realised as high value outcomes.

Venture Architecture: our framework for business transformation by design.

We use the framework to align our design approach to your people and transformation ambition. The framework empowers creative thinking and drives productivity. Shaping your teams and programmes, building everyone’s capabilities through skills transfer. It works at project, programme and organisational levels.

Adopting the framework enables you to inspire your people to action and unlock and nurture their true potential. Realising full innovation capability and building sustainable productive transformation. Whether that is at a project, programme or whole organisation level.

Working with people in a way that best suits the team and project aspiration we mentor, then monitor and eventually leave be. Skills transfer and team autonomy are our outcome objective.


Within the framework ‘Campfire sessions’ are forums of ideation. This is where ideas are discovered and developed. We achieve this by bringing together people of diverse roles, bands, seniority and backgrounds with one common aim: that all gain deployable and transferrable skills in creative problem-solving, communication and leadership. An approach we call ‘let go and lead’. By adopting a ‘Campfire culture’ psychologically safe teams are built within which all are equal. Each learn and teach each other to mutual benefit. Working together in a culture of holistic ideation, with common purpose toward meaningful outcomes.

Campfire, forum for idea discovery and development.


Our IdeasMap ensures the best ideas are realised as the highest value outcomes. It is the blueprint for innovation. The team, not managers, deciding and determining how best to work together, what to do, when to do it and who should do it. The IdeasMap ensures the complexity of creativity never becomes complicated and always remains focussed on the full realisation of the highest value outcomes. Iteration is celebrated not suppressed.

IdeasMap, realisation of ideas as high value outcomes.


through ideas.

Business Design Consultancy.

Paul Fletcher
Ian Huke
Ideas Map

Through Ideas Ltd is a creative business consultancy. A collective of diverse skills, strengths and professional experience founded by former chartered architect Paul Fletcher and litigation lawyer Ian Huke.

With more than twenty years’ experience in teamwork, design & systems thinking and organisational transformation, we work with private and public sector; SME to multinational, local authority to central government.

Our team has helped start-ups, banks, insurance, institutions, manufacturers, schools, libraries, residential and urban regeneration.

  • Paul has always impressed me with his ability to invigorate and inspire teams. Unlocking their true potential. Forming Through Ideas with Ian Huke has made this available to all. They are the go to people to empower your team and enhance project outcomes.
    Ian Craig
    Director, Evolve Consulting Structural & Civil Engineers
  • Ian excels in the early stages of client engagement. With great leadership, articulation, process & negotiation skills; he gives client confidence to move very challenging projects forward. He is an asset to any business.
    Paul Hannell
    Lead Consultant
  • Paul ably presented a thought provoking session at our Thought Leadership lunch. He explored  the context for change, posing the question of just how smart do we need to be to meet the needs of an agile society. This elicited an engaged and interested response from the audience.
    Kim Vernau
    Chief Executive Officer, BLP Insurance
  • Paul is an unusual design thinker, concerned equally with client success, design team process and product quality. He has a powerful grasp of how design can serve stakeholder needs, and has devoted himself to providing insightful client support.
    Richard Saxon
    Director, Deploi BIM Strategies Ltd.
  • Paul has the extremely rare ability to captivate an audience while taking into quite challenging areas. Intelligent, incisive and inspirational, and with years of groundwork to back it all up.
    Pierre Wassenar
    Director, Stride Treglown Architects