Have you ever wondered how your organisation could better…

form new ideas
transform ideas into realisable value

With our help wonder becomes reality.


what you get

Reignited imagination and the freedom to dream

Different leadership ethos, proactive in new idea discovery and the empowerment of teams. 

New innovation culture, from task-work to true team-work.

Ideas Map plotting the paths to Value, Innovation Playbook of strategies and skills necessary to traverse new and challenging terrain.


what we do


discover ideas

We create places in which your dreams become tangible ideas. Where you begin to plot your Ideas Map.

Lightning Strike

catalyse the team

You inspire your pack to join in the exploration of the new landscape of the Ideas Map, we support your conviction to do so. 


seize opportunity

We build spaces for you to explore the Ideas Map, build the paths to Value and the co-creation of the Innovation Playbook.

Positive Provocation provoking senior leadership out of the often all-consuming cycle of business as usual, freeing their capacity to ideate and see the new.
Design Thinking applying design rational to business challenges, focussing on outcome value.
Thought Experiment exploring hypothesis based in unknown opportunities and radical ideas, developing new theory through reason.
Catalytic Synergy engaging the brightest and keenest from within the whole organisation to catalyse and facilitate the identification of the most promising ideas.
Thought Leadership engagement of teams, internal and external to your organisation, synergising and motivating.
Rapid Evolution expediently moving promising ideas into better ideas, unlocking by the full power of your team by nurturing latent strengths and building new skills.
Strategic Innovation co-creation of playbooks; the basis of holistic realisation of the most powerful and valuable ideas, making innovation work for and within your organisation.
Paul Fletcher

Paul leads on day dreaming and lightning strike. Intuitively innovative and curious, he finds paths and opportunities others often cannot. His participative leadership style focusses on outcome, guiding teams safely through new and unknown territory as Idea Maps are developed.

A respected design thinker with proven skill of extinguishing old thinking and igniting new; proven strengthener of individuals and inspirer of teams.

Ian Huke

Ian leads on Sandbox activity, developing people alongside the frameworks, methods, life-cycles and governance they work within. Cartographer for Idea Maps and lead editor of Innovation Playbooks.

A highly skilled change agent and facilitator. Expertly working with senior stakeholders to shape, govern and drive change. Evaluating and incepting new initiatives and stabilising in flight programmes.

Elizabeth Beroud
Team Coach

Elizabeth focusses on development of team members as they transition from Sandbox into the development of Ideas Maps and Innovation Playbooks.

A business consultant and talent coach with a proven ability to drive and deliver performance transformation at an organisational level. Offering strategic insight, operational leadership experience and marketing expertise acquired through a career at Royal Mail and Trinity School, and as an advisor to French brands entering the UK.

Activation we make things happen. Turning thoughts into action.
Command we have presence. Taking control of situations and making decisions.
Futuristic we are inspired by the future and what could be. Inspiring others with visions of the future.
Ideation we are fascinated by ideas. Finding connections between seemingly disparate scenarios.
Individualisation we are intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. Figuring out how people who are different can work together.
Input we are inherently inquisitive. Drawing on a wide spectrum of thoughts and knowledge.
Intellection we spend time thinking. Posing questions and seeking answers.
Strategic we create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, quickly spotting the relevant patterns and issues.


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