• Ideation Design™

    Ideas drive every successful organisation.
    New and different ideas separate those that thrive from those that merely survive.


By augmenting your ability to ideate we help you discover, define and develop meaningful ideas that are both new and different.

This is Ideation Design™



It is dreamers that have ideas that change things.
We provoke your curiosity and focus you on ideas. Deliberate daydreams, kept real with design listening.



With design thinking we bring clarity to your ideas.
By discovering connections between seemly disparate phenomena we cause lightning-strikes that catalyse conception teams into action.



We empower teamwork to sandbox ideas, exploring meaning and relevance.
Thought leadership ensures meaningful ideas become tangible relevant concepts.



With system thinking we rapidly identify patterns and issues relevant to transforming concepts into business value. New opportunities are captured and communicated strategically with Ideas Maps.


In participation with you and your team we co-author the Innovation Playbook. Your toolbox of innovative tactics, skills and game-plays vital to new opportunity development.

  • "Paul ably presented a thought provoking session at our Thought Leadership lunch. He explored  the context for change, posing the question of just how smart do we need to be to meet the needs of an agile society. This elicited an engaged and interested response from the audience."
    Kim Vernau
    Chief Executive Officer at BLP Insurance
  • "Paul is an unusual design thinker, concerned equally with client success, design team process and product quality. He has a powerful grasp of how design can serve stakeholder needs, and has devoted himself to providing insightful client support."
    Richard Saxon
    Director at Deploi BIM Strategies Ltd.
  • "Paul has the extremely rare ability to captivate an audience while taking into quite challenging areas. Intelligent, incisive and inspirational, and with years of groundwork to back it all up."
    Pierre Wassenar
    Director at Stride Treglown Architects


Start your journey to new and different.
Be different. Your ideas, done better.



    Design listening and thinking for CEOs and senior leadership over private informal lunch or breakfast. Add new and different insight to your strategy.


    For startups to established SMEs, find your new and different by unlocking the potential of each individual in your organisation.


    Provoke new thought and ignite innovation within your team or project. Empower project teams to discover, define and develop meaningful ideas.


    Lightning strike your event, catalyse curiosity and instigate ideas.


    Tailored support to match your need for new and different insight. From exploratory debate to Non Executive input into your board.

Paul Fletcher
CEO. Director, Ideation Instigation

Paul leads on day dreaming and lightning strike. Intuitively innovative and curious, he finds paths and opportunities others often cannot. His participative leadership style focusses on outcome, guiding teams safely through new and unknown territory as Idea Maps are developed.

A respected design thinker with proven skill of extinguishing old thinking and igniting new; proven strengthener of individuals and inspirer of teams.

Ian Huke
COO. Director, Ideation Stratagem

Ian leads on Sandbox activity, developing people alongside the frameworks, methods, life-cycles and governance they work within. Cartographer for Idea Maps and lead editor of Innovation Playbooks.

A highly skilled change agent and facilitator. Expertly working with senior stakeholders to shape, govern and drive change. Evaluating and incepting new initiatives and stabilising in flight programmes.

Elizabeth Beroud
Team Coach

Elizabeth focusses on development of team members as they transition from Sandbox into the development of Ideas Maps and Innovation Playbooks.

A business consultant and talent coach with a proven ability to drive and deliver performance transformation at an organisational level. Offering strategic insight, operational leadership experience and marketing expertise acquired through a career at Royal Mail and Trinity School, and as an advisor to French brands entering the UK.

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